Laura Santamaría

Laura was born among artists, training since she was very young with renowned performers such as Matilde Coral, Israel Galván, Milagros Mengíbar, Rafael Campallo, or Farruquillo among others.

Laura has several awards endorsing her career, such as first prize at “Jóvenes Flamencos de Calasparra”, third prize for “alegrías” at the “La Perla de Cádiz” contest, second prize from the“Federación de Peñas flamencas de Sevilla”, and second prize at “Concurso Nacional de Ubrique”.

Along her professional career she has been a part of Andrés Peña and Pilar Ogalla’s company; as well as a member of Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía, under Rafaela Carrasco’s leadership. Laura has performed in “La Memoria del Cante 1922”; Imágenes, which was awarded with the “Giraldillo” at the XVII Bienal de Flamenco for best performance; and Tierra-Lorca cancionero popular, whose dance ensemble received its own “Giraldillo” at the XIX Bienal de Flamenco after the jury petitioned for it.

Laura Santamaría has now created a company of her own, with which she tours within Spain as well as internationally. She is otherwise very well known for her instructor roles at the school “Estudio Flamenco” and Cristina Heeren’s foundation.

Her characteristic style showcases her proficiency with the “bata de cola” and castanets, so typical of the Sevillian discipline. Although her roots are buried deep in tradition, Laura’s method leaves plenty of room for innovation, representative of her generation.