“El Junco”

Born in Cadiz, where he took his first flamenco dance steps, he later developed his career in Jerez and Seville under the great maestro Manolo Marín.

He would soon be part of Cristina Hoyos’ company as a solo dancer, performing in “Caminos Andaluces”, “Arsa y Toma, and “Yerma” among other shows. He would later perform “Yerma” with the Andalusian FlamencoBallet, where he started his career as a solo dancer and choreographer.

In 2007 he presented the first show of his own, “Junquerias”, at the Jerez Flamenco Festival, where he received positive reviews from both crowd and press. It is on that same year that he debuted “Cadiz” as Director of Choreography and main dancer.

In the year 2009 he showed, as a solo endeavour, “Por un sueño”, directed by Javier Marin. This show was performed at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China, in Spain’s pavilion.

In 2012, the artist exhibited “Mirando al Pasado” and the show “Bailaores”. The latter was performed alongside the dancer Juan Ogalla, as guests artists from the National “Alegrias” Dance Contest in Cadiz.

In 2017 he debuted “Pa flamenco yo” in the program “Flamenco viene del sur” at the Central Theatre of Seville alongside other artists from La Casa del Flamenco such as Susana Casas, David Sanchez “El Galli” and Miguel Perez. It is also to be noted the success of the project “Qué pasaría si pasara”, combining flamenco, theater, and humour; touring Spain’s cities since 2018.

Among his accolades it is worth mentioning the Max Award, to the best male dance performer 2008, the Peña Flamenca de Huelva Award and the Award for Alegrias Ciudad de Cadiz.