Saray de los Reyes

Saray is born into a traditionally flamenco family in Seville, where she learns the craft from her father: renowned bailaor Juan de los Reyes. She also develops her dance alongside “La Farruca” with whom she performs in the show “Gitanas” while touring important festivals such as la Bienal de Sevilla, the Mont-de-Marsan Festival, and el Festival de Jerez to name a few.

Throughout her career Saray has garnered many awards among which stand out: first place “Carmen Ledesma” at the Concurso de Baile de la Peña Torres Macarena (2006), first place at the “Concurso Flamenco de la Federación de Peñas de Sevilla (2010), and the first place “Carmen Amaya” at the Festival Carmen Amaya I in Barcelona (2010).