Reyes Martín

Born in Cádiz, she enters the world of flamenco at the age of 9 with the company “La Perla de Cádiz”. Upon turning 14 she joins the acclaimed tablao “La Venta el Gato”, where she shares the spotlight with distinguished artists such as Antonio Canales.

In her professional career, Reyes has been part of flamenco companies such as those of Javier Barón, Joaquín Cortés, as well as the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía, directed by Cristina Hoyos. Other prominent artists of the likes of David Palomar and Marina Heredia have also relied on her art in their ensembles.

Her 11-year-stint as a vocalist in the flamenco-pop group “El Barrio”, as well as her involvement in the live recording of “Esencia” at the Teatro Real de Madrid.

As of late, Reyes is focused on her own show and studio recordings.