Miguel “El Rubio”

Miguel “El Rubio” (the Blonde) was born in Seville among a family with deep flamenco roots. He dedicated himself to flamenco dance from a very early age, debuting at the impressive age of 5 in the show “Los Gnomos del Flamenco” directed by “El Farru”. He also participated in the Bienal de Sevilla at the age of 8, with the proposal “Triana Pura”.

On top of teaching and working at some of Spain’s most prestigious tablaos, Miguel has performed at a variety of festivals and theatres around the world, such as the “Clôitre Nazaire de Bèziers” where he was the main act in “Flamenco de Raza”; or at the XV edition of the Bienal de Sevilla in the shows “Jóvenes Flamencos” and “Peñas de Guardia”, which earned him the prize “Jóvenes Flamencos”.

In 2010 he took part in “Danzaora” and “Bitanica”, dancing at these shows alongside the acclaimed bailaora Rocío Molina.

In 2011, he worked next to Carmen Ledesma and El Pele at the Cante Grande de Casabermeja festival. That same year, he would travel to the Oslo Gyspsy Music Festival, as well as the “Andalusi” festival in Casablanca, alongside the cantaora Esperanza Fernández.

A year later he would return to Seville’s Bienal de Flamenco next to artists such as Carmelilla Montoya, Paco Taranto, Remedios Amaya and Juan José Amador. Miguel has also taken part in the International Festival “WOMAD” as well as the homage show for Paco de Lucia in Japan.

Miguel’s dance stands out for being elegant and contained, with outstanding control over the beat and palmas.