Marián Fernández

Born and raised in Granada, where she kickstarts her vocal instruction at “Escuela Superior de Arte Flamenco” at 14 years of age. Soon after she enters Granada’s Contest for Flamenco Youth, walking away with first place at the provincial level and second place in Andalusia for dance accompaniment.

In 2019 she takes part in the Flamenco Festival “Viene del Sur”, and performs in several tours (Pakistan, Baku, Antwerp).

In 2020 she’s part of the show “Príncipes”, by Juan Andrés Maya, Antonio Canales, Amador Rojas and Iván Vargas. She then went on tour in Brazil and Dubai.

In 2021 she performed in the show “Esencias”, by David Dorantes y Marina Heredia, as well as in Marina Heredia’s show “Capricho”.

Among her accolades we must highlight: second place at “Consurso de los Montes de Illora” in 2016 and second place in the “Granainas” category, awared by Cristina Hareen’s Foundation in Seville (2017). In 2018, Marián achieved first place (Best Singer in Granada) and second overall in Andalusia in the contest “Flamenco de los Montes” in Illora.

It is also worth mentioning first place for “cantiñas” and second place for Soleá at Fundación Cristina Hereen of Seville.

Marián currently Works in acclaimed tablaos such as Teatro Flamenco Triana, La Casa del Flamenco, Flamenquería, etc.