Manuel Lucas

Manuel was born in Cádiz, where he started learning the techniques for accompanying dance.

Throughout his career he has performed with artists such as Enrique “El Extremeño”, Felipe Scapachini, El Chato de la Isla, and Antonio Reyes among many others. He has also been part of renowned companies such as those belonging to Sara Baras, Antonio Canales and Javier Barón.

Manuel is one of the founders of pop-flamenco group “Maita vendecá”, which has garnered multiple gold and platinum disc awards. As a studio recording artist, he has performed in the works of Chano Lobato, Pastora Soler, Alejandro Sanz, Raphael, and David Bisbal, among other relevant figures.

Since 2007 he shares his time between Japan and Spain with the works “Alma de Flamenco” and “Manzanilla”. In addition, he teaches courses in Taipei (Taiwan) along with his wife, the dancer Milagros Ventura.

Finally, it is worth mentioning his multi-season stint in the prestrigious tablao “El Flamenco” in Tokyo, now known as “Garlochí” after being renamed in 2015.