“La Marquesita”

Ana María Márquez Heredia, also known as “La Marquesita”, is a Sevillian dancer characterized by her powerful footwork and graceful impudence.

Amid her multiple achievements, the First Place awarded to “La Marquesita” for Alegrías dance by the flamenco club “La Perla de Cádiz” is worthy of special mention.

Throughout her artistic career she has been part of highly regarded and prestigious flamenco companies, such as: “Cristina Hoyos”, “Manuela Carrasco”, “Alejandro Granados”, “Rafael Amargo”, the “Cruceta Flamenco Ballet” and that of “Farruquito”.

Alternatively, she can also be found at the “Marseille Soleá Centre” in France, as well as at the “Távora Theatre of Seville” performing in “La Vida en Flamenco”.

She currently performs at “La Casa del Flamenco”, along with other renowned tablaos, and of course, in the classroom – as a teacher.