Emilio Florido

Emilio Florido was born in Cadiz where he started to dance and play the guitar at just 4 years of age. At 18 years he travelled for the first time to Japan to work in “El Flamenco” in Tokyo, a flamenco venue that has hosted artists of the calibre of Cristina Hoyos, José Mercé and Sara Baras.

He has worked with important companies such as that of Rocío Molina with which he participated in the shows “Almario” and “Turquesa como el limón” and “Preludios Varios”, touring various festivals such those in Nîmes (France) and Alburquerque in New Mexico (USA) in 2008. In this same festival he also participated in the shows “Dos en compañía” by the dancers Manuel Liñán and Marcos Flores and “Maneras de sentir” by Inmaculada Ortega with Carmen “La Talegona”.

From 2012 to 2014 he was immersed in the tour for the show “La Pepa” by Sara Baras.

In 2015 he began performances of “Noche Flamenca” in the USA and participated again in the show “Gala Flamenca”, in places such as London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Jordan, organised by “Festival Flamenco”.