“El Perla”

This Sevillian guitarist, known as “El Perla”, started showing his genius since he was a little boy. At the early age of 15 he began playing alongside the legendary singer Antonio Núñez “Chocolate”, later joining great figures such as “Fernanda y Bernarda de Utrera” or “La Paquera de Jerez”.

Among the many shows he has exhibited his craft in, it is worth noting “Al Andalus”, where he shared the stage with well-known dancer “Farruquito”. As a consequence of this performance he then took part in the work “Los Farrucos”, being the one and only guitarist that would travel with them in their tour of the United States of America.

The piece “Latente” must not go without mention. Assembled alongside dancer José Maya, “Latente” showcases the genii of artists like José Valencia, “Rubio de Pruna” and “Juana la del Pipa”.

His touch, of outstanding purity, is influenced by the schools of Niño Ricardo y de Diego del Gastor, among others.