Araceli Muñoz

She began her studies in dance at her hometown of Lucena. In 2011 she undertook a degree at the Professional Dance Conservatory in Córdoba, later graduating in Baile Flamenco y Danza Española.

In 2017 she was awarded the Mario Maya prize at the “Jóvenes Flamencos de Córdoba”contest. Later that year, she would join the “Carmen Bizet” troupe, an opera that debuted at the Gran Teatro de Córdoba, on top of collaborating with the Iberian Dance Company in their “Romero de Torres” show.

She has grown professionally alongside acclaimed artists such as Milagros Mengíbar, Javier Barón, Pastora Galván, Antonio Molina «El Choro», Javier Latorre and Eva “La Yerbabuena”. Furthermore, Araceli has shared stage with eminent flamenco figures like “El Pele”, Paco Cepero, Rancapino Chico, Pedro “El Granaino”, Arcángel and others.

Her role in prominent festivals and flamenco clubs is also worthy of mention. To name a few, she has performed at Festival Flamenco “La Unión” (Murcia), Festival Rivas Flamencas (Madrid), Festival Flamenco de Zambra, “Polvorón Flamenco” (Estepa) as well as “Besana Flamenca” (Porcuna).

In 2020 she won the “Concurso Flamenco Villa de Guillena”, and just two years later in 2022 she won the “Concurso Andaluz de Jóvenes Flamencos” in Seville.

At the moment, the artist continues to build onto her professional career, performing in tablaos like Villa Rosa, Torres Bermejas and La Casa del Flamenco.