Iván Carpio

Iván is born in Jerez, in a family deeply rooted in the Flamenco traditions on both parents’ sides. He is grand nephew of acclaimed gypsy cantaor Antonio Núñez (a.k.a. “El Chocolate”). He is also closely related to the Money and Valencia families.

At a very young age he started working with the Farruco family, with whom he has toured the world’s most prestigious stages. He has also performed alongside maestros such as Pitingo and Miguel Poveda.

Along his career, Iván has been recognised with awards such as “Jóvenes Flamenco de la federación de peñas de Andalucía” or the award “Desencaja” from the Andalusian Flamenco Agency.

Although he has a predominantly traditional style, he does not shy away from more contemporary projects.

He is currently recording his first studio piece alongside guitarist José Gálvez.