Carmen Moreno

Carmen was born in Almería, where she began dancing and singing around the two years of age. She then studied in the conservatory of the renowned Quina Jiménez, in Almería. Later on, she would continue her musical academic career at Ángel Pericet´s conservatory in Málaga.

In 2019 she debuts her own show, by the title of  “atrACCiones”, with which she tours South America. Her appearances in local festivals must not go unnoticed, with shows at “Placeando”or “Tres a compás”, as well as in the first edition of “Entreflamencas”, a woman-focused festival produced by the sociocultural organization “Entreflamencos”.

Later, in 2022, Carmen becomes the main bailaora at the theatre “Maestro Padilla”, in Almería, with direction and choreography overseen by Eduardo Leal.

She has vast experience among tablaos and peñas all over Spain, such as “La Guajira”, “Los Jardines del Soroya”, “Los Mayas”, “Torres Bermejas”, “Los Gallos” and “La Casa del flamenco” to name a few. It is also worth mentioning her stint at the tablao “El Cordobésduring the 2023 Great Performers cycle.

Alongside the concert guitarist Javier Conde, Carmen Moreno has interpreted and choreographed an array of performances, such as “El Flamenco y su vibrante Mundo”, “A mis Maestros” or “El Llanto de la Guitarra”.