Carmen González

A dancer born in Málaga, she studied flamenco and choreography at the city’s Higher Dance Conservatory, where she began to work professionally with the dancer “Carrete de Málaga”, the Vargas family, and the well-known musical group “Chambao”.

Later, she moved to Madrid, where she went to tablaos such as “Casa Patas”, “El Corral de la Morería”, “El Corral de la Pacheca”, “Villa Rosa” and “Las Carboneras”, among others.

In Barcelona she works in Carmen Amaya’s tablao and in “El Cordobés” under the artistic direction of choreographer Javier Latorre.

In 2011, she presents her show “Estampas Flamencas” at the flamenco circuit organized by the Diputación de Sevilla, and in 2013 “Quiero decirte bailarando” at the Bienal de Flamenco de Málaga.

Throughout her career, she has shared the stage with prestigious artists, such as the singer Encarna Anillo, and the dancer José Maya.

Among her awards, it is worth mentioning the first prize at the national dance competition “Estepona Cantaora” in 2008.