Abel Harana

Born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz), Abel Harana learnt from artists such as Joaquín Grilo, Manolo Marín, Manuel Liñán, Andrés Peña, and “El Junco”, amongst others.

He soon demonstrated his talent taking first prize for dance in the National Competition “Noches de Bajo de Guía” at 18 years of age, dancing the styles “soleá” and “seguiriyas”.

Throughout his professional career he has formed part of multiple companies, including those of María Carrasco, Rafael de Córdoba, María Pagés, and Pepa Montes and Ricardo Miño, with whom he had the opportunity to debut his own choreography in the Bienal de Flamenco in Seville in the Lope de Vega Theatre.

Also it is worth noting his six years of participation in the “Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía” directed by Cristina Hoyos, performing the shows: “Yerma”, “A Tiempo y Compás”, “Viaje al Sur”, “Romancero Gitano” and “Poemas del Cante Jondo”.

In 2010 he debuted his show, alongside the dancer Patricia Ibáñez, the show “Memoria Antigua” at the XIV Jerez Flamenco Festival, to excellent reviews.

In 2012 he performed in Dubai and Qatar alongside the acclaimed pianist David Peña Dorantes. In 2016 he continued his collaboration with pianists, this time together with the winner of  “Lámpara minera” Alfonso Aroca.

Finally it is worth mentioning his participation in the conceptual show “D. Quixote” by Andrés Marín in the Flamenco Bienal in Seville 2018, whose performance will always be remembered.